Ipsum Validation, who served for many years in the pharmaceutical industries, with experience in the sector, was founded by professional people.

Ipsum validation, as our priority principle; to provide services without sacrificing reliability and honesty.

Our service area of ​​the main headings;

  • Preparation of feasibility reports of drug production facilities.

  • Realization of drug production plant installation.

  • According to the realization of qualification and validation of production space and equipment requirements.

  • Setup phase of commissioning of the completed facility.

  • Hospital operating theaters, intensive care units making qualification and validation.

  • Clean room / area performing the validation studies.

  • GMP, GLP, GDP be trained in subjects such as GXP.

  • Pharmaceutical / cosmetics manufacturing plant installation, identification of equipment, qualification, validation studies, providing advice on issues such as documentation.

  • Internal / external suppliers and control your domestic / foreign implementation, monitoring and reporting the findings.



We have the knowledge and experience to our guidance;
update the business process and changes, reflecting effective use of the time that is our most important resource, easy to understand and non-recyclable solutions to be your partner through the provision of solution in a continuous manner.


Would prefer a solution partner for our stakeholders is to be continuous.